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It’s a long road home when you don’t know where you been

The people you’ve met and the life full of sin

Memories they come like a flash of light

Some good some bad but never quite right

You remember the people who made you who you are

Drink away those that hurt you with each sip at the bar

Life is so short and time is so fast

No need to reminisce about those from the past

Look to the future and the path that it brings

Full of promise and very good things

So forget the evil that this world has brought

Remember the good and fight you have fought

For when it’s all over and nothing is left

You’ll be remember by loved ones until their last breath


You’re Mine


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Standing in the shower, soapy hands in my hair, absentmindedly working the lather, while I think of all that we have shared. Your words echo through my mind, as I lean back against the wall, still hearing you say,

“You’re mine, love.”

Reaching to finger my clitoris as I remember your face, only inches from mine, and your breath against my skin, as you hissed,

“You’re mine. Only mine,” and I know that I am, that it is all I ever want to be, but too fearful to utter a response.

I step out to light my Champagne Lights Candle Cinnamon Apple and press my Black Magic Super Bullet into my tight, hot pussy, already longing for you in ways that I have never desired another, and I wonder about tonight, about the future, about how and where you will touch me, and about what will become of me.

Closing my eyes to inhale the cinnamon candle scented with pheromones, I run my fingers from shoulder to breast, imagining your hands on me, your fingers grazing my nipples and sliding down my abdomen, always with your voice in my head,

“You’re mine. You are only mine,” and I know that I am, but will never admit it.

I wonder how long I’ll crave you as I slide two fingers across my clitoris, then turn the bullet to medium, imagining your long, hard cock slamming into me as my breath comes harder and faster. Stroking my clit harder and letting the hot water pummel me, I turn the Black Magic Super Bullet on high, while I picture you driving your tongue into me, licking and laving my most intimate secrets, driving me into white-hot desperation, as whimpers escape and I give in to this passionate assault.

I am trembling with desire as the depths of me are vibrating hard. Tears sting my eyes, threatening to give way to the ocean behind my eyelids, knowing that my soul is not my own anymore, that this heat and desire is all about you, always you.

“You’re mine. Mine. Only mine,” and I cannot protest.

I cannot, will not refuse you anything, knowing that you possess me now, that you own my secretive thoughts and traitorous body. I am painfully aware there is nothing I can deny you.

“You’re mine, love, forever, eternally,” and the only reply that I have is,

Yes love. Yes. I’m yours, all yours, only yours, forever.”

Feeling the huge, Black Magic Super Bullet penetrate me, and imagining your cock driving into me, so hot and so hard, my tight, little pussy explodes, and I finally succumb.

I let the tears fall, finally admitting it, if only to me and praying that you never test me, that you never find out just how much power you have.

Finally, I let my breathing slow, while I extract the Black Magic Super Bullet. I picture your strong arms pinning me to your chest, locking me into your embrace, and I know… and I know… I am yours.

I rinse the soap from my body with the last of the hot water. Wrapping a towel around me, I make my way into the bedroom to apply a light Body Butter With wild Cherry. The scent is soothing and arousing while I work it into my silky skin.

I pad across the bedroom to open the closet. I pull all my work clothes aside, working my way to the back, where I stashed all my “sexy clothes.” I pull back the dresses meant for office parties, to find the short, skimpy lingerie that I bought just to wear for you.

Then I laid out my 2 Piece Peek-A-Boo Bra and Crotch-less Black Rene Rofe lingerie, next to my 2 Piece Black Lace Bandeau Chemise, and my Kinky Kitten Wet Look Teddy; the one that you bought for me. I lay them on the bed to decide on later, with your voice is still ringing in my ears,

“You’re mine, love. Only mine.”

With trembling fingers, I lifted and held the last up to my naked body, holding it up to me in the mirror, and rolling my eyes at the barely-there material. For a moment, I wonder why I dared to accept such a skimpy outfit but, deep down, I knew why.

Then taking a seat on the bed, I quickly folded the items to decide on later, and pull the warm blankets over me. I lay back on my pillows, holding one against me, imagining your hard frame on top of me, feeling the weight of you holding me down. You are kissing me deeply, passionately, and I am arching to press my body to yours, needing you with a fierce intensity.

I slide my fingers between my thighs, imagining you pinning me against the mattress hard, as you press the head of your granite cock into my fiery, wanton depths.

Your hands, so much larger than mine, cup my breasts as I drive my fingers into your hair. You take my pebbled nipples between your lips, while I close my heavy eyes and surrender to the sweet agony. Always hearing you tell me, repeatedly,

“You’re mine. You belong to me for all eternity.”

I push the Icicles No. 11 dildo into my steaming-hot box, fast and hard, imagining your thick, granite cock filling me, stealing my breath as your demanding lips claim mine. I recall how I fought you, fought for my very sanity, and fought my own desires, while I was writhing beneath you, fighting and pushing against you, until you responded with both hands at each side of my face, not letting me turn away. Even as I cursed your strength, you kissed away the last of my fight.

Then you were stroking my hard, sensitized clit causing me to, instinctively, grind against you. I let you claim me in ways that no one ever has, bruising my lips, my neck, letting you brand me your own, and I know… and I know… I am yours… only yours.

I picture how you rubbed your cock against me there, grinding against me until I could not take it anymore, had to have you inside me. Remembering how I reached between our bodies, finding just enough space to take you with both hands and plunge you into my fiery tightness, and recalling the feel of you, the intensity of your rock-hard need, as I let the tension build into unbearable, wanton, white-hot lust.

Aching for you, with my skin burning for your touch, I already feel my soaking wet pussy clinging to your rock-hard erection, driving into my molten center, forcing me open to you. You are pushing me past all of my limits, shoving me straight into the teeth of elicit, white-hot desire, and making me burn for you as I stroke my clit faster and harder, ramming the Icicles No. 11 dildo in and out with my free hand.

I’m longing for your delicious completion, as I force the Icicles dildo into my aching pussy, again and again, faster and harder, arching to feel your broad, firm frame crushed to me, with your lips on mine, kissing me long and hard, demanding everything from me.

Your fingers stroke faster and harder until my pussy erupts, throbbing hard around the icicles dildo and I can almost feel your granite girth pulsing inside of me… almost… and I know… and I know… and I know… and I whisper it aloud as if to dispel this demon,

“I’m yours, my love. Claim me.”

The words echo through me as my breathing finally slows. Always, always hearing you, repeatedly,

“You are mine. All mine. Only mine, always and forever,”

until I come down from my all-consuming climax, where I open my eyes into the darkness and still imagine you here.

By: Wildfire8470


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A special Thanks to our friend Kara who wrote this wonderful story for us.  Please be sure to check her out here

TV is Trash


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A Great sarcastic observation from one of our friends


So this isn’t the typical story or blog that would be posted here but after doing some thinking and a few drinks it has come to my attention that television is nothing but trash.  I have over 500 channels, mostly doubled up due to HD which of course is the standard for all TV today however I pay extra for it so the big cable providers can make extra money off me cause I am not paying them enough for my remote rental.  All I can find on TV is reality shows, of course there is the exception of your nightly line up of “comedies” which last 2 hours maybe, the news and some drama NCIS bullshit that is the same exact show just called something different and held in different cities.  Very original!  How stupid has our society become to fall in love with a show filmed in a different location but has the same plot.  Maybe they took that out of the Hollywood playbook from all the movies they just re-make since they can not come up with an original idea.  “The Amazing Spider Man”  Really? We just saw “Spiderman” which is the same exact movie with different actors like a few years ago. Red Dawn? Total Recall? Fright night? Godzilla? If you think I am joking you can check it out here.   But I digress, as I come home from a hard days work and sit to enjoy some mindless TV, all I find is shows of other people working.  Like I didn’t get enough work AT work, now I have to watch someone else work.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, try watching some of the great shows on Discovery or History.  I can watch some dysfunctional family build motorcycles but I was at the garage getting new tires today and already saw mechanics working on a vehicle and yelling at someone.  I can watch some guys go antique shopping and sell their shit or I can go into any junk store and see the same crap cause watching people shop is way more fun than actually shopping.  I can watch some guys go fishing or crabbing cause seeing them pull in a pot 1 million times or reel in a fish 1 million times is so exciting causes its different every time.  Now I have seen some of the newer shows which is moving away from people working to watching people do their hobbies.  Cause a guy metal detecting is not anymore annoying on TV than the old fart doing it on the beach in front of me.  Or better yet, some people digging for gold or prospecting for oil. Hmmm lets get a shovel and dig a hole here.  There’s a construction crew outside my work and a guy digging a ditch maybe I should get a camera and be the next great TV producer!  America we are watching people work and preform their hobbies on TV.  We see this every day in our ordinary lives and come home to watch more of it.  Where has the TV industry taken us.  I am not even going to get started on the American Idol, talent, voice sing a long bullshit shows that is like watching a high school talent show and seeing the fat kid from home room hula hoop. And please Lord take us all if they put another show of “house wives” on TV doing absolutely nothing but complaining, like I don’t hear enough of that at home.  I can now understand why there is so much teen pregnancy and drug abuse in our country.  We have nothing to do at night that is entertaining anymore.  What happened to shows that had plots and story lines, shows like Seinfeld, Cheers, Married with Children, The Cosby show, M.A.S.H., The Love Boat. Maybe I am dating myself by naming these shows but hey they were good and entertaining.  What they were not was watching some other assholes in this world work and get filmed doing it. I can stand outside and do that all day long.  I guess when it comes down to it and you’re that bored and no one else is around, you might as well just masturbate and enjoy yourself. At least that way you’re not popping out a kid or ending up in rehab where you would sit and watch TV all day anyway. 

Happy Valentine’s Day


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Flowers and chocolates may be enough

For the love and thank you of everyday stuff

But on the special day that comes once a year

Show her you love her with something sincere

Pamper and treat her to something more

For she is the one you truly adore

A gift is token of love never ending

No matter the amount you think you are spending

So when it’s opened she’ll know your intent

And realize your life isn’t content

That love is forever and won’t go away

Make her feels special this Valentine’s Day

A neighborhood tease – happy hour


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It had been a few days and Mark had been playing the mental video over and over again in his mind from a few nights prior. It was all he could think about from the time he woke till the time he went to bed.  He found himself daydreaming at work re-living the moment over and over.  Each time he thought about it, he was filled with excitement and anticipation of his next visit with Holly.  His relationship with her progressing in a way that he never would have thought or even imagined.  It was like she had infected his mind with some kind of sexual virus that had completely taken over his thoughts.  It had only been 2 days and he could barely contain himself.  Every thought that came into his mind was of what would happen next week.  As he sat finishing up the week’s work, he thought to himself, why does it have to wait.  Why can’t they get together sooner?  There were no rules in place that said they had to meet up in the middle of each week.  He decided to make a bold move and texted Holly. “Hey, how’s your day going?”  A few minutes past as Mark sat staring at his phone waiting for a response.  He was clicking through it making sure everything was running correctly so there wouldn’t be a chance that he missed a response from her.  The seconds turned to minutes as he sat patiently awaiting her reply.  Finally a ding, it was her, “Ehh, its going ok for Friday, can’t wait till it’s over to relax thought, hbu?” she responded.  Mark’s heart started to beat a little faster and he had butterflies in his stomach just from that simple response.  He replied to her “Pretty slow here for a Friday here, can’t wait to get home and enjoy a cocktail.  Got any plans for the weekend?”  Another few minutes past and she texted back “Nope, just gonna chill out and take it easy” Mark felt that was the open door he was looking for.  “Want to meet up and do some drinking?” he typed.  She replied “How about we go out and do something?” It wasn’t the response Mark was looking for but the idea of spending time with Holly even in a public setting was way better than his alternative of sitting home on a Friday night.  They texted back and forth a bit more and decided to meet up and go out for some happy hour drinks after work to relax and kill the stress of the weeks work.

They had decided to meet up right after work at a local neighborhood bar.  It was a tiny bar that a lot of locals went to so it wasn’t very crowded.  It was the typical Friday happy hour crowd, a few business men in the corner talking loud and sucking down their weeks fill of beer in a few hours while betting each other at Golden Tee.  There was a group of five women sitting at a high top table, they looked to be school teachers who had a weekly ritual of getting together even though it was summer time and school was out.  They were all drinking fruity mixed frozen drinks talking secretively and every once in a while there would be a loud laugh from the one whom was two drinks ahead of the rest.  There were a few couples sitting at booths around the bar enjoying some appetizers and their drinks as they talked, maybe some were first time dates while others seemed to be long term relationships where they would meet up for some cheap food and booze before going home to a boring Friday evening.  The crowd was diverse in every sense yet all were there for the same purpose, to enjoy some social time out and to start the weekend off right, with a few drinks and a good buzz. 

Mark walked in and saw Holly had got there first; she was sitting at a table off to the side of the bar.  He walked over, said hello and sat down.  Holly had already ordered her drink, a dirty martini which was already a third of the way gone.  “How long have you been here?” he asked “I just got here about 10 minutes ago” she replied.  At the moment the waitress had walked over and Mark placed his order with her for a Jack and ginger.  “Whoa! Starting the night off strong I see” exclaimed Holly “You’re one to talk Mrs. Dirty martini” he replied she laughed and took another sip of her drink.  The waitress had returned with Marks drink and they sat there making small talk about their work week. It was a familiar tone much like their weekly bitching sessions this time just on a Friday instead of the middle of the week.  One drink turned into two then three as the time passed and the alcohol started to kick in a bit.  Mark had loosed his tie and Holly had put her hair up as the alcohol changed their demeanor.  Mark was enjoying this time with her more than he had expected.  His sexual deviant thoughts were in the back of his mind as he had an adult conversation with Holly yet all it took was her turning just the right way so he could see inside her blouse between 2 buttons that were stretched apart revealing her white lacy bra and the outline of her firm breasts.  He was starring like he was instantly put in a trance by the sight of them, releasing every thought in his mind that he had been dreaming about for the previous two days. Holly turned back to look at him and caught him looking directly at her chest with a dumbfounded look upon his face and slight smile.  “My eyes are up here” she said to him.  He quickly realized what he was doing and looked up at her and began to blush a tad.  “umm yea I thought you had spilled something on your shirt” he said to her “Yea, I’m sure that’s exactly what it was” she replied with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.  Maybe it was the buildup of tension from all the day dreaming or maybe it was the alcohol courage that was kicking in at this moment but Mark couldn’t take it any longer.  He looked Holly in face and said “So, are we going to ever talk about what happened these past two weeks or what?”

“What is there to talk about, we hung out and had some fun, It’s not like we are dating or getting married here” Holly exclaimed

Mark was taken back from her response.  How could she think it didn’t mean anything and there was nothing more there than just some fun between two people?  “So that’s all it is, just us having some fun? There isn’t anything more to this?” 

Holly responded “Mark, we have known each other for a long time.  We are great friends and I don’t want this to turn into something that is going to destroy that friendship, we had some fun, I think you enjoyed it.  I know I certainly enjoyed it and if something happens again so be it, but if you’re looking for some kind of commitment here you’re looking in the wrong place.”

Mark knew in the back of his mind that it was too good to be true.  There was a part of him that was hurt by that single comment.  He sat in silence for what seemed to be forever just taking in what he had just heard not knowing what to think about it.  Just as he looked back up to Holly to respond to her she started talking again “Now we can either continue the way we are at this point or we can go back to how things used to be, from my stand point I would rather things continue from this point in time cause this has been quite fun and I would hate to give it up and return to us just getting drunk, bitching and going home sexually frustrated.”

Mark thought about it for a second and agreed that even if there was nothing serious that was going to come out of this at least he was having more fun than he had ever before.  It’s the old cliché better to have something than nothing.  He nodded his head as he took another sip of his drink “so where do we go from here?” he asked.

Holly chuckled at his innocence and good guy nature.  “You will find out soon enough” she said to him as a big smile came across her face. Mark smiled back and the feelings of excitement started to fill his mind and body once again.

Mark excused himself to go to the restroom, as he walked through the bar he noticed that it had become noticeably more vacant.  He looked down at his watch and it was already 8:30. Hours had past like they were seconds as the happy hour crowd had came and went leaving the bar nearly empty.  As he returned to the table Holly was still sitting there enjoying her drink, the waitress came over again and they ordered another round.  Mark inquired about the crowd that had seemingly disappeared.  The waitress mentioned to them both that it was more of a happy hour bar and since it was mostly a local crowd they wouldn’t have much traffic the rest of the night.  It suited Mark just fine as it was a bit more quite now and gave a little more privacy to his time together with Holly.  The alcohol had opened them both up once again to discussing sexual conquests and adventures they had been a part of.  Holly way more comfortable now after the two previous meetings with Mark started opening up a bit more about her wild college days and how her lifestyle had taken a roller coaster ride that pretty much came to an end after meeting her ex but seemed to be back on track.  Mark was telling stories about experiences he had been a part of, mostly all the same theme how he picked up a girl in a bar and went back to her place for one night stands.  Before he thought he was the adventurous one but after hearing some of Holly’s stories he felt pretty common.  They sat and talked for a bit longer when Holly looked over Mark took a tiny sip of her drink and started to speak with a different tone in her voice.  It was a tone he had heard before when she caught him peaking at her in the window and made him strip in front of her.  A forceful and stern tone of voice yet sexy and exciting.  “Now Mark, since we have decided to continue things as they are you do realize that I enjoy having control over you, don’t you?”  “Yea, I kind of got that feeling after our first little adventure, but was kind of confused about things after the Becca night” he replied.  Holly mentioned to him that she enjoyed the power over a man yet deferred her authority with another woman in the mix and wasn’t exactly why she felt that way but it was just the way she felt.  She asked if Mark had any issue with that and of course he said no, knowing if he would have said yes it could of ended things right at that moment.  “Good boy” Holly said “Now I want you to drop something and look under the table” Mark looked a little puzzled at the request but did as he was told and dropped a knife that had been sitting on the table since they got there.  He leaned down to pick it up and turned his head to notice Holly’s legs spread apart and she was not wearing any panties.  His eyes widened and his heart started beating faster the moment he saw her in all her glory. Immediately he felt the rush of blood flow through his body warming his skin and making his cock hard.  “Now sit back up” he heard as he slowly sat back up in the chair trying to soak in the view with every millisecond it took to sit back up.  As he sat back up he had a huge smile on his face and so did Holly.  She laughed and tossed her hair that she had now let back down as she took another sip of her drink her eyes wide open looking right at the expression on Marks face.  “Did you enjoy what you saw?” she asked “yes of course” he replied.  “You know we have played together twice now and you haven’t been allowed inside me” It was something that Mark had been torturing himself over.  Twice before he had been in a situation where he thought he was going to fuck her and twice he had been let down, the last at least he was able to get a blowjob out of it but now thinking about it the result of that was due to Becca’s orders not Holly’s.  He didn’t know what to think of it.  He said to Holly “Yes, I know, trust me I know and it’s something I have been thinking about a lot, not that I am unhappy with anything that has gone on but I have wondered why it hadn’t progressed further” Holly giggled and said “You think you get that for nothing, you have to earn it” Mark smiled confidently and sat back in his chair thinking he had earned it and this night he was going to get it. Holly had noticed the look of confidence on his face which turned her on a bit more knowing that she had control of him once again.  She leaned in a bit closer and whispered to him “Do you want another peek?” He nodded and she said he may look again.  Mark again dropped the knife and went down to pick it up again starring right between her legs.  This time Holly had spread them open a little more for Mark to get a better look.  He could see that she was freshly shaven all over upon closer inspection noticed a little glistening he had not seen previously.  Holly had started to get a bit wet and it was just starting to be noticeable.  He was taking his time and enjoying the view when he heard “Can I get you another knife?” Mark immediately popped up from under the table to see the waitress standing there, he looked to Holly who was smiling once again and back to the waitress and fumbled his words “umm yea, a knife, that would be great, I keep dropping this one” The waitress took the knife that had previously been on the ground twice and walked away.  Mark looked to Holly who was sitting there enjoying his slight embarrassment of being caught off guard.  She said “You seemed to be down there a bit longer this time” He couldn’t help himself, he was enjoying every second of his view.  He re-adjusted himself in his seat, his pants a little tighter now that his cock had gotten extremely hard from the playfulness and sexiness of the moment.  Holly leaned over and asked him how hard he was.  “Extremely, do you want to drop something and have a peek?” he replied.  “No, I know how hard you get, now I want you to rub it in your pants as you sit there thinking about what you just saw”  Mark grew nervous at the request but was excited all the same.  He positioned his body in the chair to lean a bit towards the wall and looked at Holly sitting there watching him.  He did as he was told and slowly started rubbing the stiffness that was in his pants.  “Rub it slow and steady Mark” Holly ordered him.  He had one hand on the table holding his drink and the other under the table rubbing himself through his pants, getting harder with each touch.  The excitement of being in a public place and having to do this was turning him on even more with each touch.  He could see the enjoyment in Holly’s eyes as she sat and watched the expressions on his face.  He was in another world, day dreaming of the beauty of Holly’s pussy and how soft and wet it would feel, wishing he could grab her pull her skirt up and ram his cock inside her right there on the table.  Every perverted thought going through his mind as he rubbed himself a little faster.  Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the waitress returning with a new knife from across the bar, he stopped touching himself and placed his other hand back on top of the table.  Holly spoke up “I didn’t tell you to stop” nervously he replied “but the waitress is coming back” “I don’t care, keep going” she said with that forceful tone.  He did as he was told and slid his hand back under the table and started rubbing again, looking feverishly at the waitress as she approached closer and closer to the table.  He was hoping she would drop the knife on the table and walk away to go about her waitressing duties.  As she walked up to the table she laid the knife down and looked at Holly and asked if she wanted another drink.  Holly asked for a glass of water then she turned to Mark to ask him if he needed a refill.  Mark looked at her then back at Holly who was smiling even bigger now then back at the waitress who had a confused look on her face.  “Ill take some water too.” The waitress asked if he was ok, noticing him fidgeting around a bit “Yea, I’m alright, just some water would be great” Mark replied as the waitress turned to walk away.  It was a rush for Holly to see him squirm in the face of embarrassment and a relief for Mark as the waitress turned to walk away.  He looked back at Holly and asked if he could stop.  “No, you’re not finished” she said “What else do I have to do?” he asked “I said finished” Holly spoke.  Mark knew at that moment what she meant.  She wanted him to cum in his pants at the table.  Mark stopped rubbing and put his hands back on the table “I can’t do that here” he said.  Holly immediately picked up her purse and her coat as if she was going to leave.  “Where are you going?”  Mark asked “I am leaving, if you’re not going to do as you’re told you don’t need me here” Holly said.  “Wait, wait, ok ill do it” Mark begged.  Holly sat back down and started watching his face again as he started to rub himself under the table once more.  “Are you happy now?” Mark asked.  Holly looked at him and shook her head “No, you have been a bad boy and disobeyed me and you will have to be punished for it” Marks eyes opened wider; he didn’t know what else she could possibly be thinking to make this situation even more embarrassing for him.  “Take your table napkin, unzip your pants, pull your cock out and place the napkin over your lap and you’ll rub it with it hanging out of your pants now as punishment”  Mark couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  She wanted him to expose himself in a public place. He started sweating from the thought of what he was being asked to do.  “Either do it, of ill leave and we will be done with this” Holly said.  Mark didn’t want this to end, he couldn’t help but think of how bad he wanted Holly, she was like a drug now that he had to have.  The idea of everything going back to the way it was and the fun ending was enough to push him to continue.  He did as he was instructed and unzipped his pants and pulled his raging cock out and placed the table napkin over it.  He had one had under the napkin rubbing himself and the other was on the table clinching his drink like it was the last liquid on earth to quench everyone’s thirst.  Mark sat there looking at Holly rubbing himself under the table, she was enjoying every second of this, although he was a nervous wreck he was still excited from the thought of it all.  He sat there running his hand up and down his hard shaft slowly, the warm air of the bar on his exposed cock just made him tingle a little more.  Every stroke he made he was hoping he would get to the end so this would be over and they could go back to her place.  The excitement kept him hard but the nervousness delayed the inevitable.

As he continued to rub himself, Mark found himself scanning the bar to see if anyone was looking besides Holly.  He didn’t notice anyone else looking his way and luckily the bar had only 2 or 3 people left in it beside Holly and himself.  He tried to enjoy the moment the best he could as he continued to tease his cock with his hand.  Holly slid back in her chair and said she wanted a peek now; she bent over like she was getting something out of her purse and looked over at the stiff white napkin sitting in Marks lap moving up and down from his hand.  “Lift the napkin and let me see” she commanded. He lifted the napkin exposing his hard cock for Holly to look at.  “mmmmmmmmmm, that looks very good” Holly said as she sat back up in her chair.  Mark continued rubbing feeling a bit more at ease after showing Holly and knowing she was enjoying every moment of it.  Mark noticed out of the corner of his eye again the waitress approaching with the 2 glasses of water they had ordered. Nervousness sat in once again as he scooted himself up closer to the table so his lap couldn’t be seen.  Holly just giggled at the site of him scooting in closer with one hand under the table and the other on top.  The waitress walked over and placed the waters on the table. She looked at Mark then over at Holly and asked if there was anything else she could get them.  Holly looked at her and said “Yes, there is one more thing”  Mark thought she was going to ask for the tab to his surprise when she looked back over at him and said “Show her what you’re doing”   Mark froze, he didn’t know what to do.  If she showed her was he going to get punched in the face?  Would she call the cops on him?  Would she get the bartender to come over and beat his ass and throw him out in the street?  How could Holly ask this of him, doesn’t she know indecent exposure is a criminal offence?  He started to sweat again and felt the nervousness flow into his body once more.  “Mark, show our waitress what you are doing” Holly commanded again.  Mark slid back in his chair to reveal the white napkin on his lap standing straight up like a tower.  “Remove the napkin and show her” Holly ordered once again.  Mark lifted the napkin exposing his throbbing hard cock “I didn’t say just show it to her, I said show her what you were doing, rub it!” Holly barked at him.  He continued rubbing his cock right there in front of the waitress.  He looked up at her face and saw she was smiling as she stood there watching.   The waitress looked over at Holly and said “Damn Holly, you were right he does have a nice cock, is he going to make it cum for us?”  It was at that moment that Mark realized Holly had been planning this the whole time, she knew the waitress personally and had planned this event out in every detail, from the bar she chose to the timing and knowing the bar would be virtually free of customers by this time.  A sense of relief came over Mark; the nervousness had fled his body in that instant moment when he put the whole thing together.  “Are you ready to cum for us Mark?”  Holly asked.  Mark just nodded as he rubbed his cock faster and harder.  Holly looking over the table watching his every move and the waitress standing right next to him shielding him from any other onlookers, he rubbed faster and harder performing for both of them exactly what they wanted to see.  It didn’t take long from that moment for Mark to explode.  The excitement, the thrill, the rollercoaster of feelings he went through in the past 30 minutes all lead to this moment, the grand finally as he came right there in the bar being watched by two women. 

As he finished and put his cock away he excused himself to go to the bathroom once again to clean up.  He looked at himself in the mirror and just shook his head in wonderment of what he had got himself into with this woman.  It was a different experience every time.  All different levels of excitement and adventure that he had never felt before were not being opened to him.  As he left the bathroom and returned to the table Holly was paying the bill and talking with the waitress off to the side.  She gave the waitress a hug and small kiss on the cheek and returned to Mark.   I paid the bill; I think you deserve that at least for what I put you through.  Mark was speechless as he turned and walked out with Holly by his side.  He didn’t know what to think and honestly didn’t care at this point in time.  He was having fun, she was having fun and that was all that mattered at this moment in time. 

Every day is exactly the same – but it doesn’t have to be


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It had been an extremely long and laboring week for Brad.  Work just never seemed to slow down and it was deadline after deadline and ever night he went home it just didn’t seem to end.  He would get home from work and play with his kids then make diner for them before his wife got home from her 2nd job.  Times were tough for the couple and the stress of daily living was building and seemed monotonous.  Every day the same routine and he found himself laying in bed at night next to a wife that had no energy and was drained of all sexual desire from the lack of indifference in their lives.  It had been months since they were last intimate and there was no end in sight for this endless funk they were in.

A few days earlier while eating lunch with a co-worker Brad was discussing how everything seemed the same and how there was a lack of spark in the bedroom.  His co-worker Andy just nodded and said “welcome to married life kid, I’ve been in the same funk for the past 20 years and I’m lucky to get some action on holidays and that’s a chore.”  It was at this moment that another co-worker, Tim, was walking through the lunch room who overheard them talking jumped in and told them to stop their belly aching and do something about it.  Both looked at each other and back at Tim with a puzzled expression on their faces when Tim spoke up again “I’m not saying go out and get a hooker, but you all should look into spicing things up, if the old lady isn’t into it, get something for yourselves” Tim laid a business card on the table and walked out the door.  Brad picked it up, it was a shiny black card and all it said was Pleasureful Touch on one side and a web address on the other  Andy, just chuckled and finished up his lunch and went back to work.  Brad studied the card and couldn’t help but wonder what it was that Tim was talking about.  He put the card in his pocket not thinking much more about it and went about his business of the day.

Later that evening after taking care of the kids, making dinner and talking briefly with his wife before she retired for bed, Brad was on his computer finishing up some work he needed for the next day.  He was digging through all his notes when he came across the business card Tim gave him earlier that day and he decided to see what this website was all about.  After typing in the address and going to the site Brad found himself intrigued that a co-worker would give him the address to a sex toy website.  He had always thought that sex toys were for women and men had no use for them.  Brad found himself searching the site, seeing what was out there in every category, more of an interest that a desire but the more he searched and more he read about how the different items worked he found himself more and more intrigued by the whole idea of it.  It had been months since he last had sex and he was getting tired of jerking off in the shower each day so he decided what the hell, he was going to buy himself a toy and see what the hype was all about.  He had bought anything like this before so he decided to keep it simple and get himself a vibrating pocket pussy.  He placed the order and went to bed not even thinking about it.

A few days had past and Brad was back to the same routine. Work had not changed life still seemed dull and lacked any excitement.  As Brad returned home from his day at work and walked up to his door to go in and start dinner he did notice a discreet brown package on his porch.  He didn’t think much of it and picked it up and took it in the house with him.  He started his nightly duties of preparing dinner and play with his kids waiting for his wife to return home.  He had sent them off to clean up for bed as he was cleaning up after them when he noticed the box he had brought in earlier.  After closer inspection he noticed it was addressed to him and remembering the few days before his spontaneous purchase he quickly took the box into his office and hid it under the desk.  His wife was walking in the door as he was exiting.  He gave her a kiss and welcomed her home and told her he had prepared some food for her.  She looked worn out from her day’s activities and said she just wanted to take a warm bath and go to bed.  He watched as she walked up the stairs to check on the children before heading to their bedroom and preparing her bath.  He had heard the water running filling up the bathtub as he walked upstairs to check on things.  The kids were now tucked away sleeping in their beds.  He checked on his wife who was soaking in her bathtub with a warm towel across her face letting the stress of the day soak out of her bones.  He said he was going to finish up some work and be up for bed in a little bit and headed back down to his office.  Brad was curious about the package he received and more curious about what his toy even looked like.  He opened the box and pulled out the package.  It was in clear wrapping and he could see the features of it. He opened it up to inspect it further, feeling the softness of the material, bending it back and forth to see just how elastic it was.  He smirked looking at it and thought to himself, what the hell did I just buy.  It was at that moment that his wife had yelled down the stairs “Honey, I’m going to bed, I am beat, and I’ll see you in the morning” He replied to her “Goodnight, I love you” to which she responded “Love you too”.    Brad put his toy down and started back on his computer doing some work trying to finish up for the day and have everything ready for the next.

A few hours had past like it was minutes and Brad realized he had zoned out and got so in-depth with his work that he didn’t realize the time.  He saved his work on his computer and did one last check of his emails before he told himself he was going to bed.  As he sat back in his chair for the briefest of seconds to ponder what he just had done, he looked over to his side and saw his toy that he earlier had set aside.  He opened his desk draw and pulled out a battery and put it in and turned it on.  It’s hummed quietly and he slid his finger inside it to feel the pulsation.  It was strong vibration on his finger as he felt around inside of it, exploring every inch.  He couldn’t believe how soft and tight it was on his finger.  Brad looked up at his computer screen and decided to check out some porn before he went to bed.  He typed in his favorite site and saw a new video that interested him and as he clicked on it to play, he sat back and started to watch the couple on his screen strip their clothes and begin to explore each other’s bodies.  Brad unzipped his pants and slid his hand down them rubbing himself as he watched.  He grew harder and harder with each passing moment, every sound from the video exciting him more.  He slid his pant and boxers down to his ankles as he sat there stroking himself even more.  He glanced over one more time at his new pocket pussy toy and decided what the hell, that’s what he bought it for.  Brad turned the vibrator on inside it and slowly slid it over his cock.  He couldn’t believe the feeling as he inched himself inside it. The smoothness of the material wrapped around his shaft as he slid inside it.  As he fully penetrated it he could feel the vibrations on every inch of his cock.  He gasped as he slid it up and down faster on his now throbbing cock.  He couldn’t believe the feeling, how realistic yet so different but different in good way.  He continued for a few more minutes before pulling it off and finishing up to an explosion that was a thousand times more exciting than his shower experiences.   Brad sat for another minute looking at his pocket pussy toy in amazement, he couldn’t believe that he had never known or experienced anything like this before.  It was a new adventure for him, even something that seemed so small and pointless was enough to satisfy him and give him that change he needed from the daily routine of life.  Brad cleaned up and went off to bed. He lay there thinking of what he just experienced and how even the smallest of changes in a routine can make the biggest difference even if it’s just for a day.

You’re not a judge, so don’t!


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There are no words to express the feeling

That you get when you’re tied with a rope

Subservience, excitement, helplessness and panic

All you can do is hope

The feel of the cordage pulled tight on your skin

Your naked body bound in this way

For this is not a bad thing like some would believe

But just one of the 50 shades of grey

Don’t mock me or judge me for the things that I do

For my life is that of my own

A Master, A slave, a kinkster, a switch

I am what I am in my home

Bad little slave boy


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Is it humiliation or is it excitement I should feel

As I am forced to strip before I am told to kneel

I take off my pants and boxers as commanded

And cover myself only to be reprimanded

I get on my knees and beg for a reprieve

Silence is the result as she pulls up her sleeve

Bend over now slave is the next thing I hear

And I as do it my mind fills with fear

Mistress now stands with a paddle in hand

Spankings as punishment one after another land

The pain sets in as my cheeks start to redden

The numbness begins as my senses are deaden

I’m forced to take it cause I did not behave

For I am only a pathetic little slave