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It had been an extremely long and laboring week for Brad.  Work just never seemed to slow down and it was deadline after deadline and ever night he went home it just didn’t seem to end.  He would get home from work and play with his kids then make diner for them before his wife got home from her 2nd job.  Times were tough for the couple and the stress of daily living was building and seemed monotonous.  Every day the same routine and he found himself laying in bed at night next to a wife that had no energy and was drained of all sexual desire from the lack of indifference in their lives.  It had been months since they were last intimate and there was no end in sight for this endless funk they were in.

A few days earlier while eating lunch with a co-worker Brad was discussing how everything seemed the same and how there was a lack of spark in the bedroom.  His co-worker Andy just nodded and said “welcome to married life kid, I’ve been in the same funk for the past 20 years and I’m lucky to get some action on holidays and that’s a chore.”  It was at this moment that another co-worker, Tim, was walking through the lunch room who overheard them talking jumped in and told them to stop their belly aching and do something about it.  Both looked at each other and back at Tim with a puzzled expression on their faces when Tim spoke up again “I’m not saying go out and get a hooker, but you all should look into spicing things up, if the old lady isn’t into it, get something for yourselves” Tim laid a business card on the table and walked out the door.  Brad picked it up, it was a shiny black card and all it said was Pleasureful Touch on one side and a web address on the other www.pleasurefultouch.com  Andy, just chuckled and finished up his lunch and went back to work.  Brad studied the card and couldn’t help but wonder what it was that Tim was talking about.  He put the card in his pocket not thinking much more about it and went about his business of the day.

Later that evening after taking care of the kids, making dinner and talking briefly with his wife before she retired for bed, Brad was on his computer finishing up some work he needed for the next day.  He was digging through all his notes when he came across the business card Tim gave him earlier that day and he decided to see what this website was all about.  After typing in the address and going to the site Brad found himself intrigued that a co-worker would give him the address to a sex toy website.  He had always thought that sex toys were for women and men had no use for them.  Brad found himself searching the site, seeing what was out there in every category, more of an interest that a desire but the more he searched and more he read about how the different items worked he found himself more and more intrigued by the whole idea of it.  It had been months since he last had sex and he was getting tired of jerking off in the shower each day so he decided what the hell, he was going to buy himself a toy and see what the hype was all about.  He had bought anything like this before so he decided to keep it simple and get himself a vibrating pocket pussy.  He placed the order and went to bed not even thinking about it.

A few days had past and Brad was back to the same routine. Work had not changed life still seemed dull and lacked any excitement.  As Brad returned home from his day at work and walked up to his door to go in and start dinner he did notice a discreet brown package on his porch.  He didn’t think much of it and picked it up and took it in the house with him.  He started his nightly duties of preparing dinner and play with his kids waiting for his wife to return home.  He had sent them off to clean up for bed as he was cleaning up after them when he noticed the box he had brought in earlier.  After closer inspection he noticed it was addressed to him and remembering the few days before his spontaneous purchase he quickly took the box into his office and hid it under the desk.  His wife was walking in the door as he was exiting.  He gave her a kiss and welcomed her home and told her he had prepared some food for her.  She looked worn out from her day’s activities and said she just wanted to take a warm bath and go to bed.  He watched as she walked up the stairs to check on the children before heading to their bedroom and preparing her bath.  He had heard the water running filling up the bathtub as he walked upstairs to check on things.  The kids were now tucked away sleeping in their beds.  He checked on his wife who was soaking in her bathtub with a warm towel across her face letting the stress of the day soak out of her bones.  He said he was going to finish up some work and be up for bed in a little bit and headed back down to his office.  Brad was curious about the package he received and more curious about what his toy even looked like.  He opened the box and pulled out the package.  It was in clear wrapping and he could see the features of it. He opened it up to inspect it further, feeling the softness of the material, bending it back and forth to see just how elastic it was.  He smirked looking at it and thought to himself, what the hell did I just buy.  It was at that moment that his wife had yelled down the stairs “Honey, I’m going to bed, I am beat, and I’ll see you in the morning” He replied to her “Goodnight, I love you” to which she responded “Love you too”.    Brad put his toy down and started back on his computer doing some work trying to finish up for the day and have everything ready for the next.

A few hours had past like it was minutes and Brad realized he had zoned out and got so in-depth with his work that he didn’t realize the time.  He saved his work on his computer and did one last check of his emails before he told himself he was going to bed.  As he sat back in his chair for the briefest of seconds to ponder what he just had done, he looked over to his side and saw his toy that he earlier had set aside.  He opened his desk draw and pulled out a battery and put it in and turned it on.  It’s hummed quietly and he slid his finger inside it to feel the pulsation.  It was strong vibration on his finger as he felt around inside of it, exploring every inch.  He couldn’t believe how soft and tight it was on his finger.  Brad looked up at his computer screen and decided to check out some porn before he went to bed.  He typed in his favorite site and saw a new video that interested him and as he clicked on it to play, he sat back and started to watch the couple on his screen strip their clothes and begin to explore each other’s bodies.  Brad unzipped his pants and slid his hand down them rubbing himself as he watched.  He grew harder and harder with each passing moment, every sound from the video exciting him more.  He slid his pant and boxers down to his ankles as he sat there stroking himself even more.  He glanced over one more time at his new pocket pussy toy and decided what the hell, that’s what he bought it for.  Brad turned the vibrator on inside it and slowly slid it over his cock.  He couldn’t believe the feeling as he inched himself inside it. The smoothness of the material wrapped around his shaft as he slid inside it.  As he fully penetrated it he could feel the vibrations on every inch of his cock.  He gasped as he slid it up and down faster on his now throbbing cock.  He couldn’t believe the feeling, how realistic yet so different but different in good way.  He continued for a few more minutes before pulling it off and finishing up to an explosion that was a thousand times more exciting than his shower experiences.   Brad sat for another minute looking at his pocket pussy toy in amazement, he couldn’t believe that he had never known or experienced anything like this before.  It was a new adventure for him, even something that seemed so small and pointless was enough to satisfy him and give him that change he needed from the daily routine of life.  Brad cleaned up and went off to bed. He lay there thinking of what he just experienced and how even the smallest of changes in a routine can make the biggest difference even if it’s just for a day.