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A Great sarcastic observation from one of our friends


So this isn’t the typical story or blog that would be posted here but after doing some thinking and a few drinks it has come to my attention that television is nothing but trash.  I have over 500 channels, mostly doubled up due to HD which of course is the standard for all TV today however I pay extra for it so the big cable providers can make extra money off me cause I am not paying them enough for my remote rental.  All I can find on TV is reality shows, of course there is the exception of your nightly line up of “comedies” which last 2 hours maybe, the news and some drama NCIS bullshit that is the same exact show just called something different and held in different cities.  Very original!  How stupid has our society become to fall in love with a show filmed in a different location but has the same plot.  Maybe they took that out of the Hollywood playbook from all the movies they just re-make since they can not come up with an original idea.  “The Amazing Spider Man”  Really? We just saw “Spiderman” which is the same exact movie with different actors like a few years ago. Red Dawn? Total Recall? Fright night? Godzilla? If you think I am joking you can check it out here.   But I digress, as I come home from a hard days work and sit to enjoy some mindless TV, all I find is shows of other people working.  Like I didn’t get enough work AT work, now I have to watch someone else work.  If you have no idea what I am talking about, try watching some of the great shows on Discovery or History.  I can watch some dysfunctional family build motorcycles but I was at the garage getting new tires today and already saw mechanics working on a vehicle and yelling at someone.  I can watch some guys go antique shopping and sell their shit or I can go into any junk store and see the same crap cause watching people shop is way more fun than actually shopping.  I can watch some guys go fishing or crabbing cause seeing them pull in a pot 1 million times or reel in a fish 1 million times is so exciting causes its different every time.  Now I have seen some of the newer shows which is moving away from people working to watching people do their hobbies.  Cause a guy metal detecting is not anymore annoying on TV than the old fart doing it on the beach in front of me.  Or better yet, some people digging for gold or prospecting for oil. Hmmm lets get a shovel and dig a hole here.  There’s a construction crew outside my work and a guy digging a ditch maybe I should get a camera and be the next great TV producer!  America we are watching people work and preform their hobbies on TV.  We see this every day in our ordinary lives and come home to watch more of it.  Where has the TV industry taken us.  I am not even going to get started on the American Idol, talent, voice sing a long bullshit shows that is like watching a high school talent show and seeing the fat kid from home room hula hoop. And please Lord take us all if they put another show of “house wives” on TV doing absolutely nothing but complaining, like I don’t hear enough of that at home.  I can now understand why there is so much teen pregnancy and drug abuse in our country.  We have nothing to do at night that is entertaining anymore.  What happened to shows that had plots and story lines, shows like Seinfeld, Cheers, Married with Children, The Cosby show, M.A.S.H., The Love Boat. Maybe I am dating myself by naming these shows but hey they were good and entertaining.  What they were not was watching some other assholes in this world work and get filmed doing it. I can stand outside and do that all day long.  I guess when it comes down to it and you’re that bored and no one else is around, you might as well just masturbate and enjoy yourself. At least that way you’re not popping out a kid or ending up in rehab where you would sit and watch TV all day anyway.